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Billy Carvelli created the acclaimed website The Italian Movement, dedicated to celebrate the artistic and cultural achievements of those of Italian descent. Now this Italian-Canadian continues to make serious musical moves himself.

For the past decade, Carvelli has shown major creative talent as a hip hop MC, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. He has earned rave reviews, peer respect and a growing international fan base for his work. Noted trade publication Cashbox gave his 2008 EP The Italian Movement a Five-Star review, calling it “a well-produced CD sure to garner a lot of sales and airplay.” Carvelli has released a series of singles that have charted widely and helped him score serious exposure on MTV and Much Music. His tracks have received No. 1, Top 10 and Top 40 awards from IAIRA (The International Association of Independent Recording Artists), and placed in the Top 10 and Top 40 of such charts as DJ Times, Mass Pool, Zip DJ and Galaxy.

billy carvelliLook for similar success with the release of a sizzling new track, “Down,” in January, followed by a five-song EP that will showcase the dynamic musical range of his work. Carvelli won’t let himself be pigeonholed stylistically, explaining that “I just go where I want. I’m not scared to do different things. I want every track to have its own feel, but all with positivity.” For instance, “Down” is a riveting and heavily rhythmic cut that effortlessly fuses hip hop, Euro-flavored dance, and rock into a compelling package.

The other cuts on the EP are equally eclectic and electric. “Whoa” features guest turns from two American stars, TQ and crunk queen Rasheeda, and their appearances confirm the peer respect Carvelli enjoys. On “All We Really Want Is,” Carvelli delivers a hip hop meets dance music track that’s heavily rhythmic, witty and sexy, while on “CEO” and “The Movement” he pays homage to his Italian roots on two unforgettably anthemic cuts.

Eye-catching videos for “Whoa,” “All We Really Want Is,” and “The Movement” have already been released, to great response. Carvelli is taking it a step further with “CEO,” for this hot track will serve as the theme song for a new TV reality show that begins filming soon. Carvelli is, in fact, a CEO of a number of different companies. He has long had a successful business career as an entrepreneur, running parallel to his musical life. A larger than life character, his life story is sure to make for fascinating and entertaining viewing. “Whenever people spend sometime with me, they say ‘man, you should have a show, about being a rapper and a businessman,’” he explains. “Now I will. I consider myself a pretty good character. I don’t have to act, just be real.” One of his idols, Frank Sinatra was known as The Chairman of the Board. Carvelli will soon be known as the CEO.

There is plenty more to this compelling character. Carvelli is deeply committed to supporting charities helping those less fortunate. Those assisting young children and animals are especially close to his heart, as shown by his rescue of three Italian greyhounds that are now his much-loved companions. “I’m not using charity as a tactic. It’s just who I am for real,” he insists.

That same sense of honesty runs through his music making. “I write the tracks from my soul,” he explains. “Sometimes I’ll get together with friends to bounce ideas off, and others help tweak my flow. To write, a lot of the time I go to a place in Little Italy, a building my family owns. It’s a place away from everything and it’s my own spot. It was a hair salon before, and we call it The Shop.” His creative sweat at The Shop pays off in the form of well-produced tracks that are then mixed and mastered by his skilled studio comrades in Los Angeles.

Carvelli’s Italian roots run deep, and he is committed to celebrating his heritage in his music. He declares, “Italians are famous for having the best fashion, the best exotic cars, great films, not to mention the delicious food and popular wines”. For Italian hip hop, rap or pop to make it into the mainstream, it has to be classy too. I’m promoting my Italian heritage. That’s my culture.” An earlier hit track, “The Movement,” did just that, to striking effect, right down to a Pavarotti reference in the lyrics, and it has served as an anthem for the promotion of Italian-accented music.

Carvelli is also dedicated to the positivity in the music that helped him turn his own life around. Did I grow up rough and as a bit of a bad boy? Just like a lot of hip hoppers out there, I had my times, but I’ve straightened out. Hip hop has kept me moving forward. His extremely deep-rooted family values are exemplified by his proudly-displayed tattoo of his Italian grandmother. She came to North America by boat, bringing two of her four children and worked evenings in various restaurants. Carvelli’s father and godfather were both singers, and early exposure to old Italian music left an indelible impression. He’s now doing his family proud, in all facets of his life.

On his hot new cut “CEO,” Carvelli declares “I’m never going to quit ’til the world knows my name.” You can bet on that!

With his own scorching hot new track, Carvelli is now poised to make a major musical impact.


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We draw awareness through networking and support of the arts and business communities internationally.

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