Project Description

Romina Arena is an Italian-American popera, operatic pop, pop classical crossover, rock Opera, and New Age singer-songwriter. She was born May 12, 1980 and grew up in Palermo, Sicily and now lives in Los Angeles. Romina Arena is the first known tenorette (female tenor) in the world to sing in a five octave range full register.

She has collectively sold over four million records worldwide. By the age of four, Arena became an Italian Mouseketeer for the Italian version of Disney’s Topolino. She also performed as a classical ballerina in the major Italian Theatres at the age of seven. Her knowledge of 10 languages, including Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian and Hebrew allowed her to open many doors to the international music market.

When she was young, Arena was attacked at the backstage of a prime time television show in Sicily and her attacker severed her vocal cords with a pocket knife, leaving her comatose. Her physicians told her she would never sing again. However, she completely recovered over a three-year period. She fully regained her vocal abilities; a strange side effect of the attack was that she developed an extraordinary five-octave vocal range as a result of the trauma to her pharynx.